Detox Body Brush

Detox Body Brush

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Detox Body Brush

This hand-held detox brush aids in exfoliating while assisting the skin to detox.

Natural bristles help to support blood flow and lymphatic drainage, as well as assisting to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Brush the skin in circular movements towards the heart. 

We recommend using 'Detox & Strengthen' Body Boost Oil to follow, for a complete detox ritual:

Detox & Strengthen Blend – Juniper, Rosemary, Spanish Cypress, Lemongrass, Grapefruit Pink, Black Pepper, and Rose. Activating oils to help boost the body’s ability to cleanse and detox and ideal to support weight loss. A powerful blend to call on when you need that added stamina and fortitude.


Oiled Beechwood timber

Natural bristles

Cotton rope for easy hang drying, and secure hold

Rinse and dry after use.
Bristles must face downwards.