Coconut and Cypress Deodorant

Coconut and Cypress Deodorant

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Coconut and Cypress Deodorant Paste, by Twenty8

A highly effective, 100% natural deodorant paste that not only keeps you and the planet healthy – it actually works!

A powerful blend of organic plant oils combine to work on a deep cellular level. Using antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients to neuturalise odours all day whilst still allowing the sweat glands to function and detox as nature intended.

Only a small amount is required. Simply rub a fingernail amount onto the forefingers on each hand and rub into the armpit area. No white marks, no stains, no stinging, no nasties! Just 100% pure plant extracts and organic essential oils.

Just goes to prove nature really does know best!

The beautiful Twenty8 Cypress and Coconut Deodorant Paste made up of shea butter, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot, cypress, palmarosa, geranium and ylang ylang is a chemical-free break through. Created with a citrus and refreshing aroma it is designed for men, women and teenagers.