PANA Organic 45g Chocolate Bars

As part of your FREE thank you gift when you buy any Kinney item, you'll receive a 45g Chocolate Bar from Kinney.
You will be given a delicious surprise flavour to enjoy and savour! Which delicious flavour will you receive?

Here are some of the delicious flavours that you might receive...

Offer ends Sunday 24th May 2020 - 12pm.

Sour Cherry & Vanilla
50% cacao with sour cherries and vanilla bean. Regulates metabolism and encourages circulation and your route back to the checkout.

Fig & Wild Orange
55% cacao with fig and wild orange essential oil. Goes well with 3pm.

60% cacao with pure essential rose oil. Elevates the mind and spirit. Restores well-being and balance. For lovers of chocolate. Or lovers.