Collection: Lindi Kingi x Kelly

Welcome to the home of Lindi Kingi Design x Kelly.

NZ designer, Kelly Norris has carefully handcrafted this high quality jewellery in gold, platinum and silver. Each collection has a range of necklaces, rings and earrings that have been thoughtfully designed to be worn every day.

Kelly is an architectural designer, jewellery designer, artist and mother, who has designed for Lindi Kingi for a number of years. In 2021, Kelly purchased Lindi Kingi Design. Her own style is influenced by issues of special importance, and a desire to empower and connect women. 

"Each piece of jewellery is a reminder to be a beacon of light within an increasingly chaotic world… to be the star… to live for the moment… to be authentically you and free from conformity"   Kelly Norris